Lani flies to Paris August 23rd and returns home from Europe on September 5th.

Stayin’ a few days in Paris sightseeing and dropping my record off at a few radio staions along the way. Then I’ll meet up with Lynn Drury and Roberto Luti in Livorno, Italy. I’m having a great time siting in, eating Italian food at this most fabulous restuarants and watching Roberto & Lynn tear it up back together again….literally. Roberto plays host as our personal tour guide of Rome & Vatican City. Staying a night in this tiny tucked away hotel with Lynn, her Mama, sis and Roberto. Lynn splits back to the US as I say my goodbyes and thanks to Roberto. It sure was great to see him. Chow! Bello! Gratse! So visiting Pisa for a day sittin at an outdoor cafe enjoying wine & pizza staring at the leaning tower at sunset…I had to pinch myself again. I will sleep like a baby tonight in the most fabulous 4 star hotel. Gratse! Pisa makes me feel like I stepped back in time.

Well my efforts in Paris of distributing my album has paid off a little.  My label said its getting some spin time in Paris and in some European markets.

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