Music and Downloads for Big Pearl

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BIg Pearl Double Faces
1. My New Boyfriend
2. In The N.O.
3. Wounded Knees
4. It Goes Away
5. Be My Husband
6. Conversation Town
7. 1 Last Cigarette
8. Glass Scarecrow
9. Shake That Junk
Big Pearl Double Faces Back Cover


Lani Ramos – Vocals
Mike Wheat – Guitar & Vocals
Keiko Komaki – Keys, Hammond Organ
Jimbo Scott – Bass
Adam Coolsat – Drums
Steven Walker –Horns

Additional Players

Roberto Luti – Guitar
Hubi Vigoreaux – Brushes/Chimes/Shakers
Amzie Adams – Dulcimer
Jessie – Fiddle
Maggie Haven – Tambourine, Cowbell, Background Vocals
Lynn Drury – Background Vocals